Human Resources in Agribusiness and Agriculture

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Author: Eny Lestari Widarni, Benjamin Drean
ISBN: 978-602-50799-9-3
Imprint: Janega Press
Book, 270 Pages
Print Book: US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm), Standard Color, 60# White, Paperback, Matte Cover

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This book is representative of a fraction of what we have learned over the years in various countries around the world. We study various things related to human resource development in various countries to understand the problems, solutions, and forms of perfect education for our students. We also study issues related to food because food has an important relationship with health, namely adequate nutrition, and human energy sources. Health and including food are important factors in building human capital. We found many food problems in various countries including developed countries. A very popular issue related to labor. This book presents a small part of our study in 22 countries on 5 continents in this book we focus on looking globally to see comparisons between countries by vectoring human variables and the performance of the agricultural industry for each country. We conduct qualitative studies to understand the problems in each country we visit and study so that we can provide solutions or suggestions that might be a solution for the country where we live and study. Sometimes the solution is a collaboration between countries. Because we find that every country, whether developed or developing country, has strengths and weaknesses and has the potential for beneficial collaboration. To understand globally and comprehensively or in aggregate, we use quantitative studies with official data from the world bank. Both qualitative and quantitative have their own strengths and weaknesses because they have different points of view.


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