About Us

Photo by Suryaning Bawono (Indonesia)

Triple Nine Communication or Triple Nine Communication Press is an international book and magazine publisher. We collaborate with many companies in the world to publish the works of writers, both students, academics, researchers and hobbyists to be able to channel their work in international publications.

Triple Nine Communication Press started publishing international books for the first time in October 2020 in 78 countries on 3 continents (ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA). Triple Nine Communication Press focuses on indie publishing where everyone can join as an author with the following requirements:
The submitted work is an original work, not the result of plagiarism as evidenced by checking similarity with Turnitin. We only accept papers in the form of books and journals with a similarity below 25%. We only accept papers or book manuscripts in good English.

Works can be in the form of fiction, either novels or short stories, or poetry. Works can also be non-fiction works such as textbooks or research results. All accepted works will be published internationally and we never ask authors for money for any reason. Because our intention is to help all people to participate in educating the world community. So that publishing the work with us is free.

Triple Nine Communication is part of PT. Frost Yunior. The Triple Nine Communication brand is wholly owned by PT. Frost Yunior.